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Mrs. Beth and her animated drop of paint, Gasfy, will introduce your students to artists that influenced the Baroque art period.  


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Some of our favorite clips . . .

"I'll Never Paint Again!"

Renaissance Series Episode 2 Clip

Mrs. Beth introduces Gasfy to Rufus, the Renaissance Rat.

Follow the Recipe

Renaissance Series Episode 6 Clip

Leonardo da Vinci and Gasfy are Renaissance men even though they both got their recipes wrong.

"What's wrong, Gasfy?"

Post-Impressionist Series Episode 3 Clip

Gasfy is very upset about Vincent van Gogh's life.


Planting Potatoes

Post-Impressionist Series Episode 2 Clip

Mrs. Beth describes the details of van Gogh's charcoal sketch "Peasant Women Planting Potatoes".

Tricking the Eye.

Impressionist Series Episode 8 Clip

Mrs. Beth shows how to mix colors to make another color in order to explain pointillism.

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I am thrilled to have a successful way to incorporate more art history into my grade school classrooms . . .