"Help is here and this is why."

My heart is breaking! The more I research, talk to educators and listen to the plight of art teachers on social media, the more distraught I become. With state and federal budget cuts, redundancy becomes a cancer to our education system. Basically, larger student/teacher ratios result in overwhelmed and exhausted educators. Hire more educators and the money has to come from somewhere. “Hey...we can take it from the art program. No one will miss it.”

Wrong! Students will miss it. Children need a creative outlet. They need to imagine, dream, play, analyze and create. I saw this daily as an elementary art history teacher. My student’s faces lit up when entering the art room. Yes, you heard right. They were excited about ART HISTORY! Children enjoy learning about famous artists, their struggles, their methods and their craft. My students were encouraged to glean from our artistic forefathers and develop a style of their own.

As mentioned, my heart breaks when I hear about budget cuts, but it is regenerated when I hear little voices excitedly telling me about seeing a Monet print in the local donut shop, an umbrella with Starry Night on it or visiting an art museum while on vacation.

I want as many kids as possible to experience this. That is why I have adjusted the pricing of the HiGASFY: Art History Video Series I developed. A friend recently reminded of my original vision for HiGASFY...”to introduce children to the delight found in examining a masterpiece, to encourage them to discover a life lesson from the artist that created it and to explore their own creative genius that makes them unique.” I don’t want a shrinking budget to get in the way of helping art educators realize this vision.

I encourage you to visit the HiGASFY: Art History Video Series website. We want to help make art education a priority in a child’s life.