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Mrs. Beth and her animated drop of paint, Gasfy
will introduce your students/children to artists that influenced
the Baroque art period. 
Through creative storytelling and silly antics,
Mrs. Beth and Gasfy make the the artists and their masterpieces come alive.
The Baroque Series consists of 12 fun-filled videos (approximately 22 minutes in duration). 
The Baroque Series includes:
  • 1 video introducing the Baroque period
  • 4 videos on Caravaggio
  • 4 videos on Rembrandt
  • 3 videos on Vermeer
  • Downloadable Curriculum Bundle which  includes:
    • 16 lesson plans that correspond to the videos
      • The lesson plans establish clear objectives, give multiple art activity suggestions that are geared toward grades  1-8, encourage critical thinking,  provide vocabulary words,  incorporate writing assignments and other cross curricular studies. 
    • "Name that Artist" Assessment PowerPoint Game/Test
    • Downloadable Flashcards
The series was written as a semester study;
however, the curriculum has the flexibility to be used as an after school enrichment or summer art camp.
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